How to Sell Supernatural to a Skeptic

April 10, 2021

By Joe Hagen

I knew when I started writing MOONRISE and later WOLF HUNT and DARK TUNES that my subject matter would have a limited audience, but I also realized that fact would be true whatever genre I choose. There are many tastes out there but for me to write I had to acknowledge my interest and select a genre I enjoyed and would enjoy writing. That decided I could only aim for my best and hope my work would find a home.

While MOONRISE is not yet a best seller, I have reached several skeptics. I’ll explain how by citing several reviews I’ve received on MOONRISE. “I wasn’t sure I’d like this book not being a fan of werewolves, witches or the like” — “I wasn’t sure I would enjoy a book about werewolves and witches, but…” and “the characters are so well defied that it pulls you in and immerses you in the story”.

I have gotten over 30 flattering reviews on Amazon and 8 on Goodreads. Most readers sadly do not place reviews as is displayed by the fact that I have sold hundreds of copies of my books. As a still struggling author I ask that you please write reviews of the books you read, particularly if the author is new or undiscovered by the overall population. Doing so helps an author trying to be discovered reach new readers.

The next quotes are taken from two of my Goodreads reviews: “Werewolves and witches are not my usual genre of choice. However, I immediately was caught up in this story!” and “The book is more about characters and their struggles with supernatural events”.

Supernatural characters with character is a phrase my wife coined. While I wrote MOONRISE before she coined the phrase, I had already adopted it. My own reading satisfaction has usually been based on my feelings about the characters. A good story limps along without characters. I am a big fan of Stephen King. I have always loved his character development and that appreciation motivated my writing style.

Another review stated, “The characters were all interesting and brought believability to the story.” My favorite read, “Moonrise cast a weak spell over me in that I grew to like the main characters.” By writing to satisfy my own desires I’d hit on what it took to satisfy those of others. Of course, a good story is also required, but I hold to my belief that the book pivots on its characters and my reviews tell that I convinced several skeptics. I believe my novels WOLF HUNT and DARK TUNES do as well.

My short stories are less character driven, but even with limited words I strive to provide peeks into their minds and lives. I hope you have read or will read some of my work and I hope you’ll let me know what you think on my Facebook page and or through a review.

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