Stats About the Supernatural to Make You Look Smart Around the Water Cooler

April 10, 2021

By Joe Hagen

There are supposed facts about things creepy that can help you understand and or follow plots involving the supernatural, but I do not suggest you get comfortable with them. In my stories the creatures are rarely the ones you have come to know. I have written werewolves who could be killed by silver but only if it remained in the body until the next rising of the moon and vampires whose weakness was salt rather than garlic.

There are some things that I will not change. I believe vampires should be creatures of the night. Those that wander the world during the day, whether they sparkle or not, do not ring true for me. That is a personal preference. I do not fault those that read or write otherwise, but those stories, to date, have not been for me. Werewolves can be killed with silver. I have played with its strength, as I stated in the above paragraph. I have also written other methods of killing them. Magic figures prominently in my MOONRISE and WOLF HUNT books. In those books magic created werewolves and could also destroy them.

My point is, no monster is required to be the same. That is part of what keeps them interesting. Many of my vampires use the weaknesses included in the myths about them as protection. Garlic, crosses, the blessed sacrament were powerful weapons for Van Helsing against Dracula, but none of those tools would be a defense against my cowboy vampire with an aversion to salt. I have not weakened the power of the wooden stake except that I have required it be wood, once I required it be a certain wood. In DARK TUNES arithmomania was a weakness that could create an opening to defeat a vampire.

Werewolves I have left tied to the moon. That they can change at will I have changed but that their animal form is not tied to that particular phase of the moon is something I’ve seen but haven’t liked enough to employ. While my wolves do remain human in appearance except when the moon is full, they are not merely human between those bright nights. While more powerful, faster, and blood thirsty when the moon is full, they are also stronger and faster than humans at all times, and are hungry for particular kinds of meat between full moons as well.

As you gather round the cooler you may impress some in knowing that a werewolf can’t regenerate a limb or eye, that ripping out it’s heart can destroy it, that fire can consume it, that consecrated bread can keep a vampire at bay, that a witch must have line of sight to curse you, or that while a succubus can extend its life indefinitely, it can be killed. Do not however get overly cocky about all your knowledge. It could all change in the next book.

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