An Old Order of Bloodsuckers Infests an Abandoned Academy.

Nikki, James, and Bryant’s arrival in St. Louis, along with taking residence in St. Eugenia Ravasco Academy, was the incentive Britt Blasengane needed to start taking the rumors about the school and the mysterious disappearances around it more seriously. Something was sucking the neighborhood dry, and with the young people living on the property, the need to identify the culprit became urgent.

Unholy Phenomena Caused By Undead Nuns.

The focus of Dark Tunes is to take normal characters and place them in a supernatural situation. Horror comes in many guises, but how would you react if horror presented itself to you, not through a rabid dog, an armed thief, or even a savage murderer, but as an undead nun? Would your sanity survive?

Joe and T.M. took the childhood fears of nuns, their teachers, and disciplinarians and restored them under a new veil … darker and more punitive than they had ever been before.

Horror resides in many venues. Certainly, the basement of a closed high school is not the least likely location for such an emotion to thrive. A wooden yard stick was the least the students had to fear in St. Eugenia Ravasco Academy. The promise that crosses or holy water could protect them was only myth.

Stay Connected, but Remain Detached.

While horror is certainly part of Dark Tunes, Joe and T.M. took the time to introduce and help you know your heroes and their adversaries. You will not feel like a reader. You will feel like you are in the action and living the adventures with them, all from the comfort, and better yet, safety, of your own home. The characters will come alive in your minds as you read. Get to know them. Listen to their dreams but do not grow too attached.

St. Louis residents will recognize parts of the city and should be able to visualize many of the places Dark Tunes’ characters travel to. Follow in the footsteps of our young band members. Listen to the descriptions of the city, whether or not you are familiar. You will find your way, but do not follow too closely.

The Dark Tunes vampires are unlike any others you have read about. Do not rely on old wives’ tales to keep you safe. You will be disappointed … but not for long. Write 100 times, I will not go into the basement. I will not disturb those who sleep there. It is a lesson worth learning.


Reviews from Our Readers

“Not a good night-time read if you’re alone.”

Donna F.

“The best horror book I’ve read… Posed a lot of questions but that’s what every good book does.”

Jay F.

Kept me up half the night reading!

Mary L

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